Angus Community Plan 2022 to 2030


How we will measure and report on progress

The best measure of success will be the difference felt by people who live, work and visit Angus.

The new Community Plan is supported by comprehensive governance, scrutiny and accountability arrangements.

The shared commitment of all partners, through our Community Planning partnership arrangements provide the framework for our collective resources and mainstream activity.

The Community Planning Board will work to maximise all the resources available collectively and individually to make the vision for Angus a reality, while undertaking an effective challenge and scrutiny role.

The plan provides a robust local performance management framework and provides effective links to the Scotland’s National Performance Framework. A focus on performance improvement is a fundamental pillar of public sector reform and a key element in the development of local Community Planning arrangements.

The Community Planning Partnership continues to ensure rigorous self-evaluation of its performance accompanied by transparent and accessible public reporting. We will report on our performance annually to local communities, partner agencies and the Scottish Government.