Angus Community Plan 2022 to 2030


National agenda

Our Community Plan is underpinned by Scotland’s National Performance Framework. Among the key developments that continue to reshape Community Planning and the design and delivery of services are:

The Partnership has adopted the internationally recognised Community Wealth Building (CWB) approach to economic development as a practical means by which we will support our economy. CWB is a response to the new financial, environmental and community challenges. In Angus partners have been working to the principles which underpin this and will continue to build resilience where there is risk to our local economy.

Using the principles of CWB we will support and deliver the following across Angus:

  • progressive procurement – developing local supply chains of businesses likely to support local employment and keep wealth within communities
  • fair employment and just labour markets – Using anchor institutions (such as local councils, health, universities, colleges, housing associations, or large local private sector employers) to improve prospects of local people
  • shared ownership of the local economy – supporting and growing business models that are more financially generative for the local economy
  • socially just use of land and property – developing the function and ownership of local assets held by anchor organisations, so local communities benefit from financial and social gain
  • making financial power work for local places – increase flows of investment within local economies by harnessing and recirculating the wealth that exists

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